Finca (ID:46029)



Large house with sea views for livestock for agricultural use

The house is located in a quiet area with some houses built about 1900.

Behind the 172,000 sqm Finca we see a mountain and if we turn around we see the San Lorenzo and the sea . There are only around 13 km from the sea . There grow
cacti and oranges and there are many olive trees . The finca was agriculturally and used for livestock , therefore , various attachments at the houses , the animal
housing as : pigs, sheep , horses, chickens , pigeons , etc.

The residential building has 5 bedrooms and a bathroom.

In the lower part of the property is a fenced parcel of land with a well, can be operated in the vegetable subsistence farming.

The 172,000 square meter property is built with 940 square meters and has a buildable area of 5,164 square meters.


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