Apartment with an additional independent study-apartment.



Is it possible to have two apartments for the price of one? An apartment of 70 m2 with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen and a studio of approx 22 m2 with a room, a small kitchen and a bathroom. All with insulated windows and air conditioning. The two apartments have a total of three terraces in a beautiful private garden and the bigger apartment has a balcony overlooking Cala Romantica. The location is very quiet in and has no street noise. However, you can reach the property by car.

From the apartments, there’s steps that go down straight to the beach. You can actually reach the shore in 4 minutes.

The two apartments are sold together as a package (at € 169,000.- and 39,000.- = 208,000.-) and are completely independent of the other parts of the building.

There are no fixed community costs and independent decisions can be made without having to ask for permission from the other owner of the third apartment. You would have the possibility of managing the expenses of maintenance of the apartments completely independently. The study apartment can be rented long term to obtain an additional income.

This is the perfect opportunity to have a house by the beach with the possibility of having a separate study apartment for guests or to have an additional income.

The Playa Romantica is located on the east coast of Majorca next to the neighboring coves of Cala Mandia and Cala Anguila on Mallorca south of Porto Cristo. Three beautiful bays next to each other, notched in the rocks with bright turquoise waters and expansive soft sandy beaches. In addition, untouched cliff landscapes and in the background beautiful mountain landscapes with urban authentic stone houses

It is the ideal vacation spot for a quiet living. Few hotels, mainly private houses form a grown settlement. In about 300 meters is enclosed in rock, the beautiful bay of Cala Romantica, which can be reached in about 8 minutes or by car (parking available). Some shops are nearby or in the nearby villages of Cala Mandia, Porto Cristo and Manacor.


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